Streetwear and Summer

Embracing that "barefoot" feeling

these kicks are great for a comfortable everyday shoe

Prices from $350 for sandals

$480 for open shoes

$550 for sneakers & $620 for ankle boots

Pricing depends on complexity

Extra $'s for adjustments to shape or pattern

e.g. extra wide girth, high arch or deep toe

Various soles available - soft natural rubber

replaceable components - sustainable choice



Choose version and colour combinations to suit your palate !


from NZ$ 550 a 'sneaker style' lace up shoe in calf leather with two tone contrasting trim - elastic laces for the quick on/ off convenience - leather stitched down on comfy rubber Vibram wedge soles

bee bee


from NZ$ 590 old skool baseball styled ankle boot in cowhide with calf lining - stitched down leather on Vibram rubber soles.

beebee2Texture contrast, simpler feel, wider toe shape with just a hint of colour



from NZ$ 550 classic lace up shoe in cowhide with calf lining - stitch down leather on honey commando style rubber Vibram soles


bowlingfrom NZ$ 550 inspired by 1950s "bowling shoes" - cowhide with calf lining - stitch down leather on comfy rubber Vibram soles



from NZ$ 550 a classic "Teddy Boy" inspired mod-casual shoe in calf leather with hair on hide calfskin insert - stitched down leather on Vibram rubber wedged soles.


bumperboot fatboy

from NZ$ 620 a 90's phat styled sneaker boot with two tone funky coloured oily pull up cowhide - comfy leather stitched downon rubber platformed vibram unit sole.



from NZ$ 620 boxing styled laced up the calf with soft uppers and leather with rubber stitched down vibram sole

choose your favourite colour combinations to suit !



red astro


from NZ$ 720 motorcycle boots styled with soft calf uppers - reinforced, padded and weatherproofed - comfy rubber vibram unit on leather stitched down sole

bark tanned leather sandals



from NZ$ 420 summer sandals in hand coloured bark tanned leather - unlined - stitched down leather and comfy Vibram sole unit



simple straps

made to fit your feet in oiled veg tanned leathers - all hand dyed

soles thick or thin, your choice!

from $350


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simply tied


from NZ$ 480 a summer shoe in calf leather and calf lining - open back with simple tie to close - stitched down leather and comfy Vibram sole unit

simply laced

simply laced

from NZ$ 490 a summer sneaker in calf leather with calf lining - closed back and shown here with leather laces for a firmer tie on option - see below simple elastic laces for a pull on shoe - stitched down leather with comfy Vibram rubber sole unit

jellybean loafers


from NZ$ 550 a summer loafer in calf leather with coloured calf lining-



from NZ$ 560 a retro classic summer shoe in calf leather with calf lining - stitched down leather and comfy Vibram sole unit


fashioned on a square toe for a super chunky feel with added texture of the ostrich shin leather

my all time classic walking sandals

roamin 1


roamin 2


from NZ$380 an open summer shoe or boot in cowhide with pigskin lining - super bouncy rubber wedge soles and elastic laces

classic cross over

crossoverfrom $360 soft calf uppers - padded leather covered insole & comfy rubber vibram unit sole



from NZ$ 380 soft calf uppers with cushioned colour inserts - padded leather covered insole on comfy rubber vibram unit sole



from NZ$ 595 (plain leather $495) Sustainably farmed Ostrich shin leather (shown here) with calf lining. Stitch down leather and comfy rubber Vibram platform soles.

summer sandals

buckle me

buckle_mefrom $380 an open toe summer sandal in soft calf upper and lining leather with rubber flat sole small heel lift


from $490 a closed back, open toe, summer shoe


soft calf with covered rubber wedge - elastic laces and heel grip


ghillie laced


from NZ$ 520 Kid leather or soft NZ deerskin with contrasting trim and low rubber wedge

wedges & platforms

cross over slide

crossover slidefrom $380 an open backed summer shoe in soft suede with pigskin lining - 3" platform for that extra lift

flowerpower sling


from $560 soft calf or NZ deerskin with bright contrasting colours - covered rubber wedge


plump mary janes

from NZ$ 550 A double buckle pump, in red and orange cowhide with calf lining and fun daisy perforated design. Stitch down leather and comfy rubber Vibram soles.

These were made to house orthotics and very wide feet, so we accuntuated the last shape to suit for a deep and rounded toe shape.